Look what i got... a mangasm buzz new toy

Hey guys, i was recently contacted by Mangasm,  a sex toy brand who saw my blog.
They asked me to try out one of their products, so i agreed to do so see my post here.
I was so pleased with my mangasm edge daddy testing that i decided to buy something new
The shipping was fast and discreet as usua.

The MangasmBuzz , made of silicone, has a unique shape for a unique sensation, it has 5 vibration modes that stimulate the whole inside of your ass.
In  few words it is great !
I immediately tried it with daddy, we did not have the time ti try all the mode before reaching climax, 
Here are some pics for you to enjoy ...

You can check out their website and all the cool toys they have here :  www.roboticblowjob.com

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