Mangasm Edge, very intense like my daddy can be sometimes

Hey guys, i was recently contacted by Mangasm,  a sex toy brand who saw my blog.
They asked me to try out one of their products, so i agreed to do so. 
A few days later i had a surprise brought to me by the postman.
They shipped it to France in just a few days in a discreet bubble packed letter, which is very cool. nobady has to kow i receive sex toys, except f my sexy postman wants to open the next order i get with me...
Unboxing it was the best part, i didn't know what they sent me, but i knew i wanted something i had never tested before. There it was ... a prostate stimulator... exactly what  i hoped for.
The Mangasm Edge is a midsize prostate massager, it has user controlled vibration, and when you insert it you just feel where the extra vibration goes, pure pleasure. It gives very intense penetration and vibrating sensations. But it also has a wonderful perineum tab, i suggest you sit on it to experience maximum pressure. My sugardaddy has had a few erection problem lately, after trying t on myself an shooting just all over the place (the Mangasm Edge is very easy to clean), i'll try that on him this eveneing as soon as he gets home, and i'll keep you guys informed.
You can check out their website and all the cool toys they have here :

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